Insurance Information



Performance Auto Glass will bill to all insurance companies, and will handle all the paperwork to process the claim for you. Under Colorado State Law, policy holders have the right to choose which glass shop they prefer to use. Your insurance company, or the third party claims company, cannot mandate which glass shop you use for auto glass work. At Performance Auto Glass, you are only responsible for your deductible, with no hidden charges. We provide a 100% workmanship guarantee on our work as long as you own the vehicle.

Rock Chip and Windshield Crack Repairs

  • Most insurance companies will waive the deductible for minor repairs to your windshield.
  • Windshield damage directly in the driver's line of sight cannot be repaired, since windshield repair work does not make the damage completely disappear.  
  • Any windshield crack longer than 6” is considered by Insurance companies to be unrepairable and a windshield replacement is recommended.  

Auto Glass Replacement

  • On any auto glass replacement job, the policy holder is responsible for the deductible.   
  • If the broken piece of glass was tinted, Insurance companies will pay for tinting on the piece of replacement glass.  
  • Severe damage can occur to auto glass without actually breaking the piece of glass.  Such damage can put the vehicle occupant’s safety at risk.  Contact your insurance company to see if filing a glass claim is needed and would be covered by your policy.   

The Claims Process

  • Insurance claims for auto glass issue are usually very basic.  The insurance agent will generally ask basic information like, the date of the glass damage and if you are holding another party responsible for the damage.  
  • In most cases the insurance agent will pass the claim to a third party company for processing. Unfortunately, some of these companies are actually owned by competing glass installation businesses like Safelite and Elite.  These third party companies might actually try to steer you into only using their shop for the glass replacement.    
  • If you handle calling in the glass claim yourself, insist on the glass shop using glass that meets O.E.M. standards and the work will be done by strictly following the AGRSS process.