Colorado Windshield Replacement Services




The auto glass in your vehicle does so much more than
just keep out the bugs and the elements. The wind- shield plays an integral role in the structural integrity of your vehicle. In the event of an accident, a properly installed windshield allows the airbags to deploy correctly increasing your chances or survivng the accident without major injury. In the unfortunate event of
a rollover accident a properly installed windshield increases the strength of the vehicle frame, greatly reducing the risk of the roof collapsing into the passenger cabin, which could cause, potentially life threatening or serious injury to the vehicles occupants.

Windshield & Auto Glass Safety

Don't jeopardize your safey with improper auto glass installation. When it comes to a properly installed windshield replacement: Trust Performance Auto Glass. We take your families safety very seriously and make it our #1 priority. We will never take shortcuts on any auto glass replacement to save time or money. Performance Auto Glass only uses replacement auto glass and adhesives that meet or exceed the highest OEM standards. If you are looking for an auto glass in the Colorado Springs area make Performance Auto Glass your first choice.